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with new features, and options.

We apologize, but due to the recent extreme rise in raw material costs,
a price increase was required as of September 1, 2021

Be on the look out for new products from Sparrow Designs LLC. We are currently investigating adding other archery tools to our product line.

Due to travel restrictions at the U.S. Canada border some colors may not always be available.

International Power Supplies

We have two International Power Supply choices.
A continental Europe version, and a Universal with multiple outlet choices
The Universal with multiple outlet choices is 110-250 v, and 50-60 hz compatible.

Continental Europe


We're Portable !!!

Crester anywhere now!
On the road, at a shoot, in camp, you decide!!!
Add a Battery Power Supply to your crester.

We hate to do this but, due to The State of Michigan's new sales tax regs, we must add sales tax to all retail orders.

Attention - Owners in serial number range 104-116:

If you own a Spinrite Crester in the serial range of 104-116 please contact us.

The axles on some of these units are not anodized, and we are concerned about their durability.

If it is determined yours is built with a non anodized shafting, we will take care of the issue.

Spinrite Cresters A Big Hit !!!

**Thank You For Your Positive Response To Our Cresting Lathes**