The Bow Wart

You love your bow ! 

The last thing you want to do is damage it, or possibly void any existing warranty.

The Bow Wart is an ATA specification Quiver/Sight Mounting Bracket that allows you to add accessory bushings to your bow without drilling holes in the riser.

Just attach the Bow Wart to your bow riser using the industrial strength adhesive backing. 

The adhesive holds tight, so there is no fear of your sight moving, or your quiver coming off your bow. 

Once the bracket is installed you can add your favorite bow quiver, sight, or whatever accessory you need.

The Bow Wart features one set of accessory holes and includes four sets of screws for getting the perfect fit of your accessory to the bow.

 The Bow Wart can easily be removed from your bow by inserting a screwdriver between two exposed screws and twisting. 

 All of this with no damage to your bow's finish!

Each set comes with one 2" x 7/8" adhesive backed mounting bracket, and four sets of screws.



The Bow Wart