Introducing The SpinRite Arrow Crester

Frustrated with sloppy uneven pinstripes on your arrows? Itís probably your cresting lathe! Most cresters today simply spin your shafts, wobbles and all. The SpinRite Arrow Crester with its unique adjustable roller and idler system allows you to dampen wobbles in those not so straight wooden shafts so your pinstripes are straight and true.

Features of the SpinRite Arrow Crester

  • Dual captured arrow shaft
  • Large 9.5" working area
  • Arrows can be "speed loaded" with crester running
  • Fully adjustable arrow stop, support rollers, idler arm, and motor arm
  • High torque (50 Oz/In) DC motor
  • Adjustable front pattern rest - Can be raised or lowered
  • Rear pattern rest
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy access power switch
  • European power supply available